eye cream anti-wrinkle, brightening

Anti-wrinkle eye cream with collagen formula for all types of mature skin 60+.

• Smooths the gentle skin around the eyes, prone to flabbiness (90%)*.
• Reduces the imperfections of fatigue skin (59%)*.
• Provides long lasting moisturising after single application (77%)*.
• Smooths out wrinkles.
• Evens out the skin tone and provides radiant, youthful glow (63%)*.
• Does not cause irritations, even to sensitive eyes.

*Self-assessment test on a group of 23 women.

proven activity
The effectiveness of active ingredients proven in in vitro tests.
Wrinkle reduction by 61% proven in in-vivo tests after 28-day treatment.
Product safety proven in dermatological tests.

Apply over the skin around the eyes and delicately pat in.

  • 15 ml
  • mature / wrinkle prone
  • saffron